ABB India’s Electrification Business Launches Innovative UPS Solution for Data Centers

ABB India’s Electrification Business Launches Innovative UPS Solution for Data Centers.

ABB India’s Electrification Business Launches Innovative UPS Solution for Data Centers

  • New MegaFlex DPA UPS solution offers the most resilient and compact UPS system for the Indian market with a reduced footprint up to 45 percent
  • Part of ABB EcoSolutions portfolio which complies with a minimum set of key performance indicators defined in ABB’s circularity framework and is ECO passport certified
  • Delivers impressive sustainable power technology with reduced energy losses and high energy efficiency of up to 97.4 percent in Double conversion mode up to 2MW

ABB India’s Electrification business launched MegaFlex DPA (Decentralized Parallel Architecture) UPS solutions for the Indian market. The first of its kind sustainable UPS which is part of ABB EcoSolutions portfolio and complies with the ABB circularity framework. It has been designed for high density computing environment with highest efficiency rating and lowest footprint.

With the enterprise demand driving more SaaS (Software as a Service) and IaaS (Infra-structure as a Service) applications, data center continuity has never been more critical. In India, the data center market is projected to grow with the highest internet subscribers, massive surge in usage of mobile devices, digital payments, focus on big data, cloud computing, IoT and the data protection bill. The continuity of data centers is critical to the development of the Indian digital stack.

As a market leader in UPS technology, the MegaFlex UPS range from ABB is targeting the IEC and UL market, with power ranges of up to 1.5 and 1.6 MW respectively. The MegaFlex solution delivers excellent availability and reliability, with the most compact footprint on the market, up to 45 percent smaller for the IEC version compared to competitor models of equal power rating. Despite its small footprint, the UPS delivers impressive sustainable power technology with reduced energy losses due to high efficiency converters, adaptable to variable IT load.

Kiran Dutt, President Electrification, ABB India said: “As the Indian data center market grows rapidly, demand for reliable, efficient, scalable and redundant power solutions will also continue to grow. With MegaFlex DPA, we introduce to Indian customers the latest in technology and innovation in the critical power field. With the vast amount of energy consumed by these data centers, every percentage point improvement in efficiency brings with it large cost savings. More importantly, being the first of its kind product in the Indian market with circularity compliance, it also supports our customer’s sustainability commitments.”

This supports ABB Electrification’s Mission to Zero for smart cities, a vision for a zero-emission reality for all, and reinforces its commitment to offer safe, smart and sustainable power technologies to the global data center industry.

  • Standardized power distribution architectures in compliance with the Up-time Institute classification system and EN 50600
  • High-efficiency converters in VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent) mode with up 97.4 percent efficiency, driving up cost savings and improving energy consumption.
  • Portability- server rack can be moved into position simply and safely with an onsite pallet truck
  • Compatible with either lithium-ion or VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid bat-tery) for external storage
  • Optional redundant power capacity of 750KW N+1 and 2MW
  • The graphical system display allows the operator to display measurements, events and alarm
  • Connectivity for optional communication boards including SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RS-485
  • Provides up to 6 MW and satisfies the “six-nines” requirement for today’s most demanding Hyperscale data centers

MegaFlex DPA is designed to work in synergy with ABB’s power infrastructure products to provide a continuous flow of clean power to a data center and deliver the system-wide resiliency needed for modern data storage solutions that implement distributed, cloud or hybrid approaches.

Serviceability is made easier and more accessible with its modular platform. Enhanced self-diagnostics improve speed to market, reduce downtime and importantly mitigate risk from human error during start-up and maintenance phases. An intelligent predictive maintenance program allows greater planning and reduces service schedules throughout the product life cycle.

Importantly, ABB has designed and delivered the MegaFlex DPA to deliver total peace of mind for customers with the assurance that their power is guaranteed by the very best power protection technology in the market.

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Building on more than 130 years of excellence, ABB’s ~105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation.



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