Archroma Inspires Mills and Brands at EXINTEX 2024 with Super Systems for Enhanced Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Archroma Inspires Mills and Brands at EXINTEX 2024 with Super Systems for Enhanced Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, is focusing on innovations that deliver both economic and environmental sustainability at this year’s EXINTEX textile industry fair in Puebla, Mexico.

“The Mexican textile industry has made great strides towards sustainability to capture global demand for eco-friendly fashion and textiles, but balancing economic growth and environmental stewardship can be a challenge, especially for small and mid-sized enterprises,” Fernando Hernandez Espinosa, VP Americas, Archroma Textile Effects, said.

“With this in mind, EXINTEX 2024 is the ideal platform for Archroma to introduce our new Super Systems solutions to Mexican brands and mills. Delivering on our ‘Planet Conscious’ vision, these innovative solution sets can help you optimize your productivity, add value to your products and create a positive impact on the environment,” he continued.

Super Systems are powerful end-to-end systems that combine fiber-specific processing solutions and intelligent effects. Drawing on the industry’s broadest product portfolio, the Super Systems suite encompasses wet processing solutions that deliver measurable environmental impact from sizing to finishing; durable colors and functional effects that add value and longevity to the end product; and cleaner chemistries that eliminate harmful or regulated substances.

Breakthrough technologies for Super Systems solutions at EXINTEX 2024 include:

  • DIRESUL EVOLUTION BLACK for iconic black denim. This eco-advanced sulfur black dyestuff creates unique shade and wash-down effects with an overall impact reduction of 57% compared to standard Sulfur Black 1 liquid.
  • DENISOL PURE INDIGO 30 LIQ for authentic blue denim. This aniline-free pre-reduced indigo produces coveted denim colors with the same performance and efficiency as conventional indigo dye, but in a more planet-friendly way.
  • AVITERA SE GENERATION NEXT for cellulosic fibers and blends. This revolutionary technology enables significant resource savings, superior chlorine fastness and an improved cost-to-performance ratio for dark and extra-dark shades.
  • EarthColors for warm shades on cellulosic-based fibers. This patented Archroma technology creates high-performance bio waste-based dyes from non-edible food and agricultural waste, conserving natural resources and embracing circularity.
  • ERIOPON E3-SAVE for processing polyester and its blends. This next-generation all-in-one auxiliary combines pre-scouring, dyeing and reduction clearing in a single bath to achieve substantial savings of water, energy and time.
  • Fluorine-free DWRs for sustainable rain- and stain-resistance. Archroma has the industry’s most extensive portfolio of durable water repellents (DWRs), allowing it to achieve the right functionality for the end use while optimizing production and staying ahead of consumer expectations and regulatory change.

Meet the Archroma team at EXINTEX 2024

Established more than 30 years ago, EXINTEX has grown into Mexico’s most important textile trade fair and one of the most significant textile exhibitions in Latin America, attracting participants from more than 430 countries worldwide.

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