‘Circular Economy’ Dream Coming True at New EcoCortec Plastics Recycling Center

‘Circular Economy’ Dream Coming True at New EcoCortec Plastics Recycling Center.

‘Circular Economy’ Dream Coming True at New EcoCortec Plastics Recycling Center

EcoCortec is bringing the “circular economy” one step closer to reality for Europeans who want to turn plastic waste into something useful. After several years of planning and pandemic interruptions, the European manufacturer of rust preventative packaging has installed a state-of-the-art Erema regranulation machine to reprocess plastic scrap and waste onsite. Customers and other local businesses are now invited to bring their used plastic bags to EcoCortec for recycling into new materials.

Longtime Recycling Dream Becomes Reality

The new plastics recycling plant has been the dream of Croatian-American EcoCortec founder Boris Miksic since 2018, when the first plans were drawn up for a polymer processing plant in the Baranja region of Croatia. As part of EcoCortec’s ongoing commitment to sustainable development, the goal was to prolong the lifetime of materials made at the plant by focusing on “circular economy” initiatives for responsible sourcing and disposal. After a pandemic delay, the project came back to life with slight modifications in 2022, when EcoCortec purchased a neighboring building. The facility was reconstructed to meet Croatian building codes and secure necessary utilities before the state-of-the-art Erema regranulation machine was installed July 15th, 2023. Employee training took place shortly thereafter, and EcoCortec is now excited to start reprocessing plastic waste as soon as it becomes available from four main sources:

  1. Scrap from in-house production
  2. Used packaging from incoming shipments at EcoCortec
  3. Used packaging from incoming shipments at several local companies (e.g., building contractor, building material and beverage retailers, plastic company) who have previously agreed to collect packaging waste for EcoCortec
  4. Used VpCI Films and Bags from EcoCortec distributors and end users who can earn reprocessing credits by sending the materials back for regranulation

EcoCortec is especially eager to expand this last category of plastic waste suppliers to create a win-win-win situation for EcoCortec, its customers, and the environment.

From Recycling to Rust Prevention

EcoCortec plans to add the recycled content back into its rust preventative VpCI Films and Bags, which inhibit corrosion by forming a molecular protective layer on metal parts packaged inside. These specialty packaging materials replace the use of traditional rust preventatives that are greasy and often difficult to remove. In contrast, metal parts packaged in VpCI Films and Bags can be installed and used immediately without further cleaning.

Meeting New Recycling Benchmarks

Initially, EcoCortec will add 30% recycled content back into its VpCI Films upon request. The company plans to extend this high level of recycled content to all standard VpCI Films as the volume of recyclable materials increases. With this step, EcoCortec is well on its way to achieving the European goal of incorporating 35% recycled content into plastic packaging by 2030. EU directives and goals aside, EcoCortec is simply excited to see a longtime dream of environmental responsibility blossom into reality and invites you to become part of the “circular economy” by participating in the new program. Contact us today to learn more about seeing your own plastic recycling dream come true at EcoCortec!



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