Optimally Expandable Polypropylene For Sustainable Applications

Ultrapolymers has expanded its polyolefins portfolio with the expandable PP grade Moplen EP490H. Developed by LyondellBasell as a special basic type for foamed applications, it allows a reduction in the use of materials and thus the CO 2 footprint in a wide range of applications. In addition, the very good mechanical properties enable mono-material solutions that can be reused or fed directly into the polyolefin recycling cycle after use. This heterophasic copolymer, which offers many properties that were previously only achievable with expandable polystyrene, proves to be an optimal choice in terms of sustainable packaging.

The main applications of Moplen EP490H are extruded foamed films, profiles and sheets, thermoforming and extrusion blow molding, for example rigid packaging for food and consumer goods. The material combines higher foamability than any conventional polypropylene with good rigidity, high impact strength at room and low temperatures, good dimensional stability as well as very good resistance to creep and good resilience.

With its very good deep-drawing properties, Moplen EP490H offers the packaging industry expanded options for developing lightweight, material-saving and therefore environmentally friendly mono-material solutions. Thanks to the good thermal insulation and temperature resistance as well as the high water and chemical resistance, containers for hot meals and drinks are also among the possible applications. The fine and evenly distributed cell structure results in a significantly smoother surface with significantly better aesthetics than when using conventional polypropylene. Due to their high dimensional stability and durability, corresponding products offer an attractive, reusable alternative to expandable polystyrene. The possibility of manufacturing from ISCC PLUS-certified raw materials and the good suitability for recycling make further contributions to greater sustainability.

Moplen EP490H is manufactured with a phthalate-free catalyst, is plasticizer and BPA-free and has the relevant food regulatory approvals. Ultrapolymers supplies the complete PP formulation including the endothermic blowing agent Polybatch BA 9090 and the nucleating agent Polybatch CFPP 0260 NU.
Business Development Manager Hermann Diem says: “With the new Moplen EP490H, we can now offer a material that, thanks to its good foamability, enables particularly sustainable solutions in the area of ​​lightweight packaging. Based on our decades of experience with polyolefins, our customers also receive comprehensive application technology advice from molding design to product-specific recipe creation and tool design to starting the production process.”


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