SACMI Offers the Brazilian Mineral Water Market a Bright ‘Turnkey’ Future

SACMI Offers the Brazilian Mineral Water Market a Bright ‘Turnkey’ Future.

SACMI Offers the Brazilian Mineral Water Market a Bright ‘Turnkey’ Future

At the Congress Brasileiro de Industria de Águas Minerais (Rio de Janeiro, 12-15 September) SACMI will illustrate a solution that integrates cap and preform production and accelerates the transition to the 26/22 mm solution

SACMI has a tailor-made solution for Brazilian companies that bottle mineral water: production of cap and relative preform together, using the new lightweight SACMI necks to save energy and raw materials, all with the same outstanding performance.

The market

No matter what their size, structure or market, many companies share the same need: to take technology and quality to the next level and sharpen their competitiveness.

This is very much the case on the Brazilian market and SACMI addresses those needs by applying unique expertise in the form of cutting-edge technologies for each stage of production and an in-depth knowledge of materials.

The proposed technology

This is a far-reaching transition designed to take the industry towards the new 26/22 mm cap and neck. In practice, manufacturers can produce ultra-light caps (1 gram, and even 0.8 g with the 25/22 version) together with a preform weighing 9 grams, ready for use.

SACMI CCM (Continuous Compression Molding) technology is the standard-setter on the global cap-making industry, the SACMI IPS 220 the ‘smart’ version of the preform press. Combined, they allow a transition with guaranteed results, freeing up resources and safeguarding the environment.

A sole partner

SACMI operates as a sole partner, covering every stage of the process. The entire machine range is available with dedicated vision systems to ensure total quality control.

SACMI do Brasil doesn’t just provide technical assistance throughout the implementation and testing phases: it also does so right from the product conception and development stage, with customized solutions certified by the major global brand owners.

New standards… and much more

As it seeks to respond to the global trend towards new, improved production standards, SACMI works alongside international certification bodies such as CETIE.

Yet the opportunities don’t end there. If we consider today’s most widespread standard – the PCO 1881 – SACMI offers lightened neck versions for still and sparkling water that maintain the same performance. Close customer support ensures producers make the investment that best meets their business goals.

In any case, what makes the difference is the supply of turnkey plant engineering solutions: with SACMI, customers don’t just buy a machine, they buy intelligence, know-how, and assistance throughout the entire plant lifespan.


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