Syensqo Launches New Swyft-Ply Brand of Composites for Electronic and Smart Devices

Syensqo Launches New Swyft-Ply Brand of Composites for Electronic and Smart Devices

Multifunctional materials leveraging traditional benefits of composites while meeting unique manufacturing and performance requirements

Syensqo, previously part of Solvay Group, has announced the launch of Swyft-Ply, a new composite material brand that enhances design options for the electronic and smart devices market. ‘Swyft’ emphasizes the fast-curing nature of the company’s strong and lightweight composites, and ‘Ply’ reflects the use of multiple material layers in the design of composite parts.

“We have developed Swyft-Ply with the electronics and smart devices industry’s quick development cycle and high volume manufacturing requirements in mind,” explains Andrew Lau, Senior Executive Vice President of Electronics & Industrial at Syensqo Speciality Polymers GBU. “Such requirements include materials that can be processed quickly while enabling reduced secondary manufacturing costs thanks to controlled flow resins and compatibility with other processes such as overmolding. We look forward to witnessing the wider adoption of composites in this market.”

“By leveraging our deep knowledge of composites we have been able to support the Electronics market in adopting this technology,” said Marc Doyle, Executive Vice President of Syensqo Composite Materials GBU. “From product formulation to data generation and application engineering, our team has worked hand in hand with our customers to bring their concepts to reality.”

Swyft-Ply products have been developed to leverage the well-known benefits of composites such as weight reduction and exceptional strength to enable new form factors that are not only thinner but provide more design flexibility and freedom needed by device manufacturers. The Swyft-Ply product portfolio offers the ability to select important material features such as dielectric performance, thermal characteristics as well as UL94 flammability requirements that are of specific interest to our customers.

The Swyft-Ply portfolio is based on multiple polymer resin types and reinforcements, available in various material formats, and has been specifically formulated to maximize processing efficiencies through fast-curing, controlled flow and extended storage conditions.

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